Settlement Drafting

One of the challenges following a successful mediation is distilling the parties’ agreement into heads of terms and subsequently into a settlement agreement. This is often a time when differences in understanding over what was agreed arise, or the impact of related matters on any agreed terms are first appreciated. These issues have the potential to derail or delay reaching a settled position.

At SP Mediation, we offer a bespoke drafting service to overcome these difficulties. Depending on the complexity of the matter and your requirements, we can draft either the heads of terms or both the heads of terms and the settlement agreement.

There are several benefits to having an independent, third party draft these important documents:

  • There is no temptation to drift from what was agreed by the parties during the mediation to terms slightly more favourable to one party.
  • It removes the need for the parties’ legal advisors to engage in lengthy, post-mediation correspondence to resolve issues.
  • It reduces the overall cost to both parties, as the costs of drafting are shared equally by the parties.

Please contact us here for further information on our bespoke drafting service.